reviews 2013-2015

I initially Hired Liza to help with the redecoration of my living and family rooms. I was so pleased with her services that the job extended to three additional rooms and the front hall. This work is now complete. The product is terrific, and she soon will be working on the rest of the house. Liza is professional, prompt and low key. She stands apart from designers whom I have employed in the past as she truly listens to me and hears what it is that I want. She has terrific taste and judgment, knows how to stay within budget and is very resourceful. I give her my highest recommendation.

jaguiterman (project completed 12.2015)

We have worked with Liza Ryner to decorate our new house and couldn't be more pleased with her services. Liza was very patient and eager to learn about our needs and likes. She was able to come up with a great variety of options for furniture, draperies and rugs, and helped us find the perfect pieces for several rooms. Liza works closely with representatives of local furniture stores and is well-connected with other service providers you would need when decorating your home. She had guided us through the process of furnishing our home with enthusiasm and grace. She was always respectful, never pushy and always able to offer a variety of options that fit our needs and price range. Liza is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was always easy to reach, very responsive and excellent at following up on a myriad of requests we had. She is wonderful both with big-picture design as well as little details. She is a trustworthy, professional and considerate individual who does an impeccable job. We feel lucky to have been working with Liza, and plan to continue using her services for our current home and any future homes we might ever have. We recommend Liza without hesitation to anyone who is looking to hire a designer. She is a true gem!

iwatkins (project completed 09.2015)

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Liza and I will continue to do so. First and foremost, Liza is a professional. She has vast expertise, excellent communication skills (highly responsive and a great listener!) and excellent judgment. She transformed my impossible living room/dining room into a lovely and usable space. She is also flexible in her advice -- offering both high-end and affordable options so that I could stay within my budget. I am confident that Liza's design choices for me are enduring -- I will be enjoying these spaces for many years to come.

heidi schooner (project completed 09.2015)

I cannot recommend Liza Ryner Design highly enough. Liza has an exceptional eye for design and her decorating skills are amazing, on top of that she brings so much more to her work and her customers. We initially consulted with Liza to update our kitchen. She visited our home, spending time with us to discuss both our functional and aesthetic needs...Liza worked with us on our kitchen update every step of the way. We choose an experienced and skilled contractor referred to us by Liza and were very pleased with the knowledgeable appliance vendor she recommended. He worked with us to replace our appliances with high quality reasonably priced appliances that function better than I expected. We consulted with Liza on every purchase, design change and she personally helped us pick out cabinets, countertops, hardware, tiles, lighting and paint colors. She was always easy to reach during the day, in the evening and on weekends. Her understanding of our preferences is excellent. Her ability to resolve differences of opinion between my husband and I – no small feat - was invaluable. Liza is exceptionally well versed about all features of products, not only their appearance but their functionality and durability. Her guidance saved us countless hours of searching on our own. The kitchen is beautiful and exceeds our expectations! The other recommendations on this site are totally accurate. If you are looking for an excellent designer, who is always lovely to work with while saving you time and money, for a project that goes beyond what you were hoping for, you have come to the right place!

robincmurphy (project completed 09.2015)

We worked with Liza to furnish and decorate our newly purchased two bedroom two bath condo. The layout of the condo is a more difficult one to work with (not the typical square box) but Liza stepped up to the challenge. We could not have been more happy with both the process and the results! Liza heard and understood what was important to us in our home, and was able to incorporate both our styles into the finished product. She was receptive and responsive throughout the whole process, and worked within our schedule and budget. We love our condo and could not have done it without her.

ellen fong (project completed 07.2015)

It was a pleasure to work with Liza! She really listened to what we wanted and was able to bring our extensive project to fruition better than we imagined. Whether it is contemporary, traditional, or transitional...she is so creative! We thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

debbiemom5 (project completed 07.2015)

Liza did a wonderful job! She's very collaborative, flexible and professional. She helped us bring everything together as we moved into a new home and were preparing to welcome our second child.

mbveth22 (project completed 05.2015)

Thanks to Liza, and her understanding of my situation, I was able to stage my house for renting without spending big bucks to get it on the market. She came in and quickly assessed what pieces I had to work with, helped in rearranging furniture placement, and carefully selected accessories. Her thoughtful touches made it feel fresh and inviting. She even helped me take pictures for me to use in my online posting. I rented my house to a nice young family the first day it was on the market because, I am convinced, it “showed” so well. I appreciate her flexibility and timely advice.

newme2014 (project completed 10.2014)

Liza was amazing as our designer. She stepped in when we realized we needed help in our choices right at the start of a total renovation of our 2 BR/2 level 100 plus year old row house. She is ALWAYS on time - either at our place or at one of the many vendors where we met her to choose floors, tiles, furniture, blinds etc. She helped guide us through the complex (to us) steps towards putting our home back together with furniture choices and layout, picture hanging and a keen sense of how we wanted to live in our renovated space. Highly recommended!

tsukui (project completed 09.2014)

Liza transformed our brand-new townhouse from a collection of empty, builder-grade rooms into a comfortable and beautiful contemporary home. We know what we like, but we needed someone who could help us see how furniture and décor would fit in the space and pull it all together into a coherent vision. We also needed someone to oversee contractors, troubleshoot deliveries, and make sure everything was on track as we tried to fill an area that was almost twice the size of our previous house. We work long hours, so it was a huge relief to be able to turn the project over to Liza. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Liza took over the job of finding great pieces for the house but also listened to us when we saw things we liked. She was conscious of our budget, providing suggestions on how to save money and showing us options within a variety of price ranges. She was easy to work with, always cheerful, and always easy to reach, even at odd hours. And her artistic touches really made our home special and sophisticated. We plan to work with her on more projects and definitely recommend her!

cmbenson (project completed 10.2014)

Liza helped me with the renovations of 2 full bathrooms, from start to finish. She also helped me redecorate a guest bedroom. I was under an incredibly tight deadline, and Liza was an absolute champ. She did everything from picking the tile and hardware, to calculating square footage for materials orders, to the little details that make a project look "finished". I love the results and feel like everything just coordinates so well, and that all the decisions were well thought out. She was flexible to work with, extremely reasonable re: hours, and was excellent at helping me stay within a budget. Liza was a great match for me because I like to be involved and provide input. She was always patient and took everything I said into account. I look forward to working with her again on future projects!

rachel h. (project completed 09.2014)

Liza is incredible. We moved into our first home with zero furniture and zero experience. Liza went above and beyond, the whole way through. She diligently kept to our desired budget and was able to find gorgeous pieces that fit into it. She very quickly understood our design taste and tailored her choices for us accordingly. Liza is a consummate professional but she also feels like a friend. She has made this process a pleasure and we are thrilled with our new home, we love everything!!! I would highly recommend her a million times over again.

natalie e. (project completed 07.2014)

Liza did an excellent job with helping us update our house. Her honesty and great ideas led to amazing results. She has a great eye for what belongs where and color schemes. Liza took the time to get to know what our style was and then worked with that style while introducing new ideas we may not have originally explored.

teena l. (project completed 07.2014)

Liza is amazing. I hired her for the interior design of my entire condo in DC. The motivation was to get my place staged to sell and after the design I was torn with selling and leaving. Everything looked so beautiful and sophisticated. She took into account my budgetary needs as well as my ultimate goal for a finished polished look. She worked with existing furniture and made great recommendations of key purchases. I loved working with her through every minute of the process.

lyndie w. (project completed 02.2013)

Liza Ryner and . . . were absolutely invaluable in my recent project to redo the living room, dining room and kitchen of my house. They were creative in their approach, very flexible and went above and beyond in adding value to the project including helping with a whole set of odds and ends that were well outside the scope of the original project. They were efficient, stuck to deadlines and very cost conscious in their approach. I would willingly recommend them to anyone as having a great eye along with very high business ethics and standards.

david s. (project completed 09.2013)

Liza Ryner guided me when I moved into a new apartment, helping me re-imagine the use of some of my own furniture and pick out new pieces to work with the space. She did a fabulous job of visualizing lay-out, monitoring budget, and organizing the flow of deliveries. She made the whole process manageable and fun. She loves the creative as well as the organizational component of her work. I always felt that she put understanding my tastes first and foremost, and I appreciated that she offered options that varied between, and combined, my own vision and her experienced eye. My apartment looks fabulous and it works for my day-to-day life style; all this without costing me more than I could comfortably afford.

lisa t. (project completed 06.2012)